About Me

My name is Gordon Alexander Mabbutt and I was born in London, in the United Kingdom in1933.

My early schooling was during World War 2 in the UK.

Later, completing my chosen Architectural Studies at the Southwest Essex Technical College and at specific London University classes, it involved two years practical experience by working, in my case, in the Architects Department of the London Holborn Borough Council. Here I was, among other, involved in making bombed buildings habitable for the homeless and the repair of ‘bomb damaged’ historical buildings in the Holborn area of London.

I then completed a compulsory 2 years plus of National Service in the British Army (Royal Engineers).

In 1954 I met and married Yvonne and resided in Belgium and 2 daughters Michele and Vivianne were born. Tragically my wife Yvonne died of Cancer aged just 39 years and my teen-age children were bereft of the love of their dear Mother. These were quite difficult times.

Meanwhile I joined a large American Company and occupied progressive managerial positions which involved world-wide travelling and necessitating my becoming multi-lingual (English, German, French, Dutch/Flemish languages), for which I am still thankful today.

In 1981 in Paris, I met dear Ulrike, a Teacher and Interpreter of 7 Languages, We were married in the United Kingdom in 1982 and are now living very happily together in retirement in Southern France.

I am spiritually motivated to positively influence all World inhabitants/we friends together, to speedily help bring our polluted Planet, ‘OUR WORLD/ OUR HOME’ back to a healthy state in which we are all able to live happily and healthily together with mutual respect for all Human Kind and the Nature of our World.