Issue No 10 – May 2022

Dear Friends,


I take this opportunity to reopen this Site because, it seems, we are not progressing with suffient effort to save our World, either from some World Leaders, most Politicians and many Businesses.

In the last issue I recorded the need to tackle Climate Change, probably best organised by our United Nations, based on all Countries being on a common (friendly) war footing whereby our efforts are so concentrated and strictly followed through to successful completion with Inter Country help applicable of course.

Failure to acieve a Target is only acceptable when the reason(s) for failure could not be avoided (legally called ‘Force Majeur’). Otherwise failures, which could have been avoided, would bring penalties on the Country concerned.

I would like to see a United Nations Meeting being called soonest, whereby, in priority preprepared Plans (with Targests per country), for such a ‘friendly war footing’ approach to achieve the necessary goals can be discussed and accepted.

Such an approach would bring the World closer together all having a common goal.

Is this wishful thinking ? I personally believe that the public world wide (and particlarly our worried youth) would welcome such an approach, however, the question remains: Do we have the Political will to do it ?

Please United Nations, make it possible by trying…. you will succeed !


The United Nations, under the leadership of Mr Guterres, are really doing great things throughout our World and for that we must honour and respect such achievements. A further giant step for saving Mankind is now required which again falls on our United Nations.

To bring the Word together on a ‘friendly war footing’ to combat Climate Change, would, I am sure, recieve full support and heartfelt thanks for the United Nations from the Public (especially from our Youth) all over the World.

Some thoughts….

One can ask, in a period of proven Climate Change, the greatest danger to threaten our whole World, now upon us, that we experience a major Country invading a neighbour. Can we no longer trust the priorities of our Leading Politicians, and is the population of the agressor not aware of the greatest danger our World has ever faced, that of Climate Change?

Let us all give our heartfelt thanks to Sir David Attenborough, and others, for the amazing programs and his persistance in all he does towards combatting Climate Change. A great man of our times. There are others too…..Thank you.

Please do not forget, dear Friends, whereever you are in our World, the great importance of our INDIVIDUAL actions to combat Climate Change. The United Nations Task List can be seen in my Issue No 8.

Thats all for the moment dear Friends, I feel within me that we are approaching a period of more and more natural disasters. The youths of our World are particularly aware of them and remain almost helpless. I too, at the age of 89 years, feel helpless although my wife and i rigidly apply the United Nations guidlines for individuals and even more in our efforts to combat the effects of Climate Change.


best wishes to you all,

from Gordon.

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