Issue No 8 – August 2021

Dear Friends, sincere greetings to you all,

I have today looked at the United Nations Site which I often check and which we should all check regularly, specifically at:

(from which I quote):

focuses on educating individuals and businesses on adapting to what we can no longer avoid! It will help you and your business survive and thrive through the many soon-arriving climate change crises.


I urgently recommend that you regularly look at the site as often as possible and apply the recommendations….it is so very important now and its importance will increase rapidly now that we are all being confronted with so many and increasing Climate Change catastrophes.

As you know, my Site’s main task was to strive for a set of actions for the world individual, you and me, which we need to apply on a daily basis, and I wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations suggesting their attention to this specific aspect.

Whether or not my letter had any influence is inmaterial, as I am so pleased that the United Nations site (see blue text above) is now focusing in the individual (among other) with a set of visual symbols. I am taking the liberty to reproduce them below (hopefully copyright will not apply to such a worldwide need)

I fully recommend that you give the UN site your full viewing priority as they are the only Global Organisation able to carry out the mammoth task of saving our World. We must all follow their instructions without fail.

Other Sites (such as mine – this one) would, in future, only dilute the effectiveness of that of the United Nations. For this reason, and for the reason my intended goal of having UN directives aimed at the world individual has now been realised, I intend closing down this site.

Here are the UN symbols to be followed:

Save energy at home

Drive less

Eat plant-based foods

Fly less

Cut your food waste

Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

Get wind or solar energy

Switch to an electric vehicle

Choose eco-friendly products

Pass it on

No doubt further information from the United Nations will be forthcoming – perhaps a printable home list. Follow cosely please.

There is no doubt that the World is now on the knife-edge of increasing disasters and our World National Leaders are turning their increasing attention to tackling Climate Change. Is it too late? better late than never? We are in their hands and they also realise that they themselves will be affected.

Scientists must organise themselves further to show them the way and the Politicians must listen to them and act in all urgency….time is running out quickly, more quickly than many great minds suspected.

Do what you can to urge your Politicians on and get them to change their present priorities to those of saving our World which clearly is priority number one.

My personal thoughts are that we will suffer harshly for a certain time to come until the necessary changes, as put forward by Scientists and accepted and implemented by the United Nations and our own Nations’ Politicians, take effect. Our life styles will change for the better as we realise what gastly mistakes we have made in the past 200 years or so.

Perhaps my book called ‘The Little Book’ will get published which can positively help our future

There is light at the end of the tunnel, dear friends!



2 thoughts on “Issue No 8 – August 2021”

  1. I read and agree that Global Warming is Now, Serious and Accelerating.

    To your point about individuals, I find more and more people making changes to alleviate the problem.

    Thanks for your words

  2. Hi Gordon, what an interesting and informative website. I never knew how passionate you were at contributing to making the world a better place. I am right nehind you. The symbols for the 10 points UN plan is such a simple and great straightforward idea that everyone can play their part… really, this is where it can be most powerful, starting with the individual.
    Fantastic work you are doing to spread such an important message at grassroots level. I shall now try harder to do my bit.


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