Issue No 7 – June/July 2021

Dear Friends,

It saddens me to report that we are now, with increasing regularity, experiencing worlwide, Climate Change taking place in our World, our Home. It is no longer in the future – it is here and now. We are all aware of this change; Flooding, Forest Fires, Famines, Heat becoming unbearable…and more,It is just the beginning….is it already too late to react ?

Happily we are encouraged by sensible and urgent positive action and future planning by many Nations who realise that major changes to our Industries are urgently required, some already implemented and in November Cop 26 meeting will realise meaningful and urgent solutions.

Probably the most important of all actions that could be taken would we to stop the use of Coal, for which by far the greatest pollution occurs in China. Knowing the amazing capacity of the Chinese People to find quick results to problems we must hope that they will be able to stop using Coal and find alternative solutions as quickly as possible. It will be a great challenge for this Country and they should be supported in their efforts as much as possible by United Nations and those Countries able to help. The World is at stake.

Let us hope that such efforts are effective and carried out and followed to a successful end. In the past many words have been expounded on what needs to be done; shamefully not followed by deeds.

No one knows whether we will be able to save our World, our Home…..we can only put our trust in our World Leaders who are in the Front Line to effect positive change. Such World Leaders are, of course, also aware that they too will suffer if they fail. There will be no escaping….we are in this together…

Therefore let us all unite and act and support, to the best of our ability, all such activities designed to eliminate anything that creates Climate Change.



This website was created to highlight the need to muster the efforts of us, we undividuals, to prevent pollution. There are over 6 Billions of us (babies and very young children not included) who can make a substantial difference in preventing the pollution of our World, our Home. Imagine 6 billion people ‘cleaning’ up our World….our World our Home would sparkle !


We need guidance…..a guidance created by Specialists who have studied pollution and who know how to prevent it. Solutions to pollution are not always obvious and sometimes we can do more harm than good, notwithstanding our good intentions.

I have recently written to the Secretary General of the United Nations requesting his attention to this matter requesting him to consider creating a standardised listing of activities which we, World individuals, you and me, can take to heart and follow in our daily lives. These activities would eventually become our second nature and we would feel pride in following them and performing our part in ‘saving our World’ from the horror of Pollution=Climate Change.

My letter did not ask for a reply. I am trusting that such activity, perhaps already being considered, is on its way.

Meanwhile, each of us, we will do our best to avoid pollution as best we can, and try not to buy the products which cause it. PERHAPS IN FUTURE WE WILL NEED TO NAME AND BLAME….?

By the way, in the May 2021 issue, I requested your reply to suggest 3 rules which you consider most important to prevent pollution in your local area. Please keep the replies coming….Thank you. (kindly reply in the box below please)


The US Climate Envoy, John Kerry, has called on every major economy, that they must commit to meaningful reductions of CO2 by 2030. He also called on China to increase the speed and depth of its efforts to cut carbon. Without sufficient emission reduction by China, Kerry said that the Global Goal to keep temperature increase under 1.5 degrees C was essentially impossible.

If there is one country that can do it – it is China ! China, we know you will do it !

Dear Friends – please keep up the good work…..see you again in August 2021…

Sincerely, Gordon.

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