Issue No 6 – May 2021


Greetings dear friends, where ever you may be in our World…..

I offer you, as a friendly reminder, a repeat of the purpose of this Site, which is to harness the efforts of all adult and adolscent human beings worldwide, and there are about 6 billion of us, to take care of the small part of our World where ever we are located by preventing and changing pollution.

Whatever we can do, as individuals, in the area just around us, (when multiplied by about 6 billion of us) will be an enormous step forward to saving our World. We can only imagine what a great effect it will have on our World…..We can and we must….

Whilst we still await World-wide basic instructions for each world inhabitant to follow (perhaps from the United Nations), we must use common sense to ensure that we, as individuals and within the limits of our possibilities, maintain the area where we live as clean and unpolluted as possible.

We must also refrain from creating pollution ourselves and be conscious of preventing it.

This means ME and YOU ….. we must step up and do it ourselves.


Since I last wrote, there has been quite some progess in national vaccination programs of individuals although poorer countries, to the shame of the richer, are still needy of the product.

Until we are all safely vaccinated our thoughts are less concentrated on the much more serious matter of preventing World pollution and resulting Climate change, (perhaps understandable where life and death can result).


However there is some good news too….for example:

1. Three of the countries causing the most pollution in our World are China at 27%, USA at 11% and India at nearly 7%. These Countries are now in close discussions to improve and to advert climate change.

2. We have recently learned from WWF satellite data that Forests of an area the size of France have regrown naturally and have the potential to soak up nearly 6 giga tons of carbon dioxide which is more than the annual emissions of the USA. This means that Forests and Woodlands can restore themselves with little or no intervention.

3. It seems that in the long term less people will travel to work under full time conditions, to be replaced by part time working at home. This will mean much reduced traffic and important reduction in CO2 emissions.

4. Cancellation of debt owed by poorer countries, is considered to be the best way to start changing the Worlds economic model and prevent further harm to our Planet, according to a 3rd World Network Charity. (I have also emphasised this point in my book call ‘The Little Book’)

5. Recent World Politics are again focusing on Climate Change, in particular the USA is back in the fold, such an important participant.


Bees are all important to our human life. Without them we could not survive for very long. Globally there are more honey Bees than any other type of Bee so it is the World’s most important pollinator of food Crops. An estimated one third of the food we consume each day relies on the pollination by Bees. We must protect them and grow the plants they like.


When considering what actions steps are necessary at the individual level, (probably being different dependant on the are of our actual location in our World) I would appreciate if you, dear Reader, would let me know in order of their ompotance:


Please use the ‘comment’ space below for your response.

Thank you – this could be important.

Finally thank you very much for your support….together we can win back our World….Keep safe….

Sincerely, Gordon.

2 thoughts on “Issue No 6 – May 2021”

  1. Bonjour,
    1. Vélo et assimilés (trottinettes, vélo électrique..) à pratiquer ou promouvoir. Penser à des pistes cyclables, voire à des réseaux de pistes cyclables. Penser aux déplacements des enfants même jeunes pour aller à l’école en prenant grand soin de la sécurité.
    2. Voitures. Privilégier des voitures plus petites voire spartiates (genre Citroën 2 CV ou Renault 4L) et les locations.
    3. Alimentation. Moins de viandes et surtout moins de boeuf.
    Circuits courts.

  2. Bonjour Gordon,
    merci aussi pour vos commentaires positifs du votre numéro de mai 2021 et en particulier sur l’importance (chiffrée) du rôle de abeilles.


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