Issue No 5 – April 2021

Greetings dear friends whereever you may be…..

I do hope you are safe and well and I offer my sincere condolences to those of us who have lost loved ones, perhaps to Covid19.

This Pandema is, unfortunately, having a very serious detrimental effect on our efforts to save our dear Planet from Climate Change, the effects of which will be much more serious and disasterous by far than those of Covid19.

Yet we all find it difficult to alter our natural insticts of self preservation.

We can therefore conclude that the sooner we rid our World of Covid19 the quicker we will be able to intensify our individual action steps to eliminate Pollution in our own specific surroundings. Pollution is the major cause of Climate Change, I hope that there will be those of us who, notwithstanding Covid19, are still specifically concious of our local pollution and continue to combat it according to their means and possibilities.

Scientists say that to rid the World of Covid19 we need to vaccinate.

The availabilty of such Vaccines is easing as each Country gets their requirements. We must hope and trust that they are fairly distributed, influenced by human considerations and not financial preferences, which can only bring about disgrace on the perpetrators with which they must forever live.

The question of vaccine injections being mandatory is a difficult one and seems to raise heartfelt disagreements among populations.

Autocratic countries in general seem to make Vaccinations against Covid19 mandatory for all their poulation whilst most democratic countries offer vaccinations on a voluntary basis. I was therefore intrested to read a statement issued recently in Europe by the ‘European Court of Human Rights’ ruling that ‘ vaccinations should be obligatory in a Demovratic Society’

Would Logic therefore argue that vaccinations should be mandatory for the whole World Population ?

From my point of view, the sooner we are rid of Covid19 the sooner we can intensify our efforts on the Worlds most important task:


Combatting Pollution in our own suuroundings is so important. Continueing to neglect our Natural World, as we have done in the past, is no longer an option. We cannot influence World or National Schemes to combat Climate Change, indeed we must support them, As individuals, around 6 billion of us world wide, we can feel proud of every determined action we take to maintain and ‘clean up’ our surroundings to the benefit perhaps survival of us all.

I leave you with this thought – Do something yourself to combat pollution, don’t just think that someone else will do it…….feel good about yourself….

Sincerely, Gordon.

PS. Can we expect to receive a list of basic and well thought out Guidelines / Rules from a Worldwide Coordinating Body concerning our individual responsibilties towards combatting pollution/climate change. Imagine what a great effect this could have when such rules are respected by around 6 billions of us worldwide……… perhaps costly, consider what a mind-changing boost that would be for the preservtion of our World

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