Issue No: 001 – June 2020

Is it not very strange, that we, you and I and our World population, have known for many years that urgent and drastic corrective action is required NOW to save our World from pollution (all kinds) and yet, (with exception to some highly respected individuals, organisations and national efforts) we have failed to define a Comprehensive World Plan, or achieve significant results to attack world pollution?

Then suddenly Covid-19 comes along, (sadly with deaths to loved ones), and within months, through our voluntary confinement and actions, we have been able to take an important step forward to bring about a noticeable cleaner World…..our World, our Home. The World and how we take care of it is positively changing. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

It seems to me that ‘someone’ somewhere is trying to show us the way how to proceed, and that it is really quite possible to have a cleaner world even within a relatively short space of time.

Recently, from International Sources, we have heard more and more evidence about cleaner air, bluer skies, more bees and butterflies, even grass looking greener, resulting from lockdown….how wonderful that all is to hear and for most to actually experience.

However, many of us feel sadness in our hearts that the previous levels of pollution will return.

It is understandable in order to change our World back to a non-polluted healthy state where nature can take its intended course, is a mammoth Task and most difficult to coordinate.

Considering such a Task brings many comments such as ‘we should do this’ OR ‘they should do that’ – we all have heard them and we are probably also among those who make such comment? However such comments, whilst reasonable, generally fall on deaf ears or we are unable individually to do much in support.

I have given this some thought and it seems to me that whilst we, as individuals or in local groups, have minor influence to reduce or eliminate pollution on a nationwide/worldwide basis we can influence and identify ‘local pollution situations’ (in our immediate local areas) and provide ideas, aid and support to rectify and eliminate these local pollution situations.

Are we then prepared to take active steps, for example, that each of us today takes on the responsibility to perform 2 urgent tasks? :

  1. a personal or accumulative organised act to eliminate their ‘fair’ share of pollution which lies in their own specific area of our World
  1. Suggest to the ‘powers that be’ their own or accumulative ideas to reduce major pollution in their own specific area of the World

Such local activity, multiplied by similar local activities across the world would be a major part of the huge step we all need to take to bring our World, our Home, back to how it was meant to be.

Can we, all of us, participate and push hard to save our World, for ourselves in the nearer future, as well for our Generations to come? We can, and we must to act now.

Imagine what a huge effect we can make if we all take this personal responsibility.

Take guidance from ‘OUR PLAN’ (see below) and importantly respect

Please always remember’

Will it help to say ‘Thank You’ to ‘ourselves’ from the bottom of ‘our’ hearts?

‘Never before was so much expected from so many’



‘Human beings’ all of us, irrespective of our sex, nationality, politics, religion, skin colour, language, level of education or any other differences we may have.


Assist, perhaps with others of like mind, (all of us?)
in creating a happy and acceptable way forward by finding ways to preserve ‘our’ world and eliminate pollution in our own respective region.


Our world is in crisis, even worse than Covid-19. Most of us, even those who have the power to do so, feel relatively helpless or unwilling to positively influence the situation. It is therefore now the time to act positively to preserve the future of the world for ourselves, our children and future generations.


Stimulate us all, by identifying the necessary changes in our own immediate surroundings, joining with like-minded others, by taking steps to realise the required changes as soon as possible. Obviously speed and personal involvement and determination to get the job done, is important.


Such ‘local’ actions may require bravery and perseverance. However we must all ensure that our actions must never be provocative, violent or create disturbance, but put forward with calm respectful persistence and with kind verbal persuasion.

This will create an approach which enables each of us to join together mentally and spiritually to support the necessary changes and improvements required. It will maximise our support and make it meaningful for all. We must be prepared to give up certain comforts where necessary.

It is not a matter of ‘we and ‘them’. It involves every one of us, living on this earth commits us, not to take and profit, we must give back and really care.

There is no better feeling of joy in this world than to experience that of giving and caring, whilst expecting nothing in return.


It will probably be helpful and encouraging to report the successes we have, or will achieve and the progress you have gained in your Region. Quite honestly, I am not sure how this reporting will work.

However via this site I will try to keep you informed of what I know as to how successful we have been based on what you tell me.

In the next issue (No 002) I also want to tell you also about ‘THE LITTLE BOOK’, recently completed, which I am presently trying hard to have published.

It also entails creating a happier future world for us all with many intriguing facts the can unite us across nations.

With my warmest wishes to you all and many thanks to everyone for their efforts and support of ‘our’ worthy cause,

Sincerely, Gordon. JUNE 2020

6 thoughts on “Issue No: 001 – June 2020”

  1. Thank you Gordon.

    This is a brave enterprise and we look forward to significant effect.

    We used to sing as children “Jesus bids us shine – you in your small corner and I in mine”.

    We’ll try to do just that !

    Our love to yourself and Ulrike

    Elizabeth and Sid

  2. Beste Gordon,
    Prachtig en zeer veel dank voor dit initiatief en wereldwijd succes gewenst!
    Als Homo Sapiens is het nodig en mogelijk individueel en gemeenschappelijk een
    humane wereld op te bouwen door een gepaste cultuur en opvoeding te aanvaarden.
    Onze wereld telt 7,5 milj. inwoners met alle gekende (en ongekende) desastreuze gevolgen. In 2100 komen we aan 11 milj. mensen, nadien zou de bevolking wegens
    demografische-economische oorzaken dalen. Dus gaan we nog 3-4 generaties verder
    met toenemende pollutie. Technische hulp werkt dubbel. Verbetering en herstel maar
    ook meer verbruik van energie, lucht en water. Als de wereldbevolking na 2100 door een normale evolutie toch opnieuw in evenwicht zou komen waarom dan nu niet
    starten met een globale humanitaire planning op basis van ,opvoeding, voorlichting
    en alle beschikbare huidige en toekomstige wetenschap die beschikbaar is.
    Beste groeten,
    Camille en Hilde

  3. Beste Gordon,

    Heb je ‘Red de wereld nu’ doorgestuurd naar al mijn vrienden, in de hoop dat het verder verspreid zal worden en op de duur de wereld rond zal gaan!
    Vriendelijke groeten,

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